Non-Property-Damage Business Interruption Cover (‘non-damage BI’ cover) and the FCA’s test-case

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently announced its intention to seek clarity and certainty around non-damage BI cover in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

A test-case has been brought in court against what the FCA considers to be a range of non-damage BI policy wordings that are representative of those used by the insurance industry.  The aim of the test-case is to determine the interpretation of certain clauses within policies that include non-damage BI.  This will assist in providing greater clarity to insurers and policyholders alike in the handling of COVID-19 claims.

If you have submitted a COVID-19-related non-damage BI claim or complaint, we will contact you by 15 July 2020 to confirm whether or not your policy will be affected by the outcome of the test-case.

We will regularly update this page with information in relation to the test-case.

Useful websites

Information for policyholders and regular updates on the test-case from the FCA:

Register for the latest BI updates from the FCA:

Information for small businesses from the Financial Ombudsman Service:


Last updated: 15 July 2020