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Head Office

Probitas 1492
88 Leadenhall Street
London, EC3A 3BP

T: 020 3972 5810

Lloyd’s Box

Box 230 & 230A, Gallery 2

T: +(0) 20 7327 3735


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Avenue du Port 86c
Box 204
1000 Bruxelles

Mexico City

Av. Insurgentes Sur 730, Piso 2,
Oficina 215, Col. Del Valle,
Del. Benito Juárez, C.P. 03104,
Ciudad de México

T: +52 (55) 8000 6601


Level 1, 44 Martin Place,
Sydney, NSW, 2000

T: 1300 00 1492


We aim to provide the best possible products and services. However, we are aware that, despite our commitment, things may not always go as planned. We take complaints very seriously at Probitas 1492 and aim to handle them to your satisfaction in a quick and efficient manner.

If you are a policyholder and would like to raise a complaint, we have a Complaints Procedure to ensure the process is as efficient as possible.

If you are one of our business partners and wish to raise any concerns about the way in which our customers are treated, we would like to hear about it. Please email us directly

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Meet the team