The Next Generation

We live in a society where experience is heralded with great importance. We have always historically looked to our elders to lead us forward and guide us on the right lines. And, in most instances, experience is truly of great benefit. However, there are times when we shouldn’t just rely upon it.

If you attend meetings within the insurance market to discuss change and the future of the industry, you’ll probably find yourself in a room full of experienced individuals, in the later stages of their careers. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, there are huge benefits, but it can also be potentially harmful to the outcome.

Experience by its very nature means that you’ve been there, seen that; you’ve learnt lessons from mistakes gone before – be them your own or from others. You see things that might raise alarm bells, but you know how to react.

The trouble is…well all of that.

When you are talking about change, reform and the future, you really need to take a fresh viewpoint. You can’t rely on what has gone before.

Change is defined as ‘an act or process through which something becomes different’.

To successfully get to ‘different’ takes a new viewpoint, fresh eyes looking at something for the first time. Which is where the next generation of underwriters and brokers come in. They should be asked for their thoughts and opinions, and importantly their responses need to be heard.

Unencumbered by what’s gone on before, knowledgeable about new technology and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, the next generation can add real value to the conversation.

The reality is that decisions about change and the future of the industry will have the biggest impact on them. Their careers are in their infancy, they are facing somewhere between 20-40 years in the market. So surely, it matters most to them. Decisions that are being made now, with little consultation, will have the biggest impact on them.

So, they should be invited to the table.

The key, as always, is finding balance. And, consultation maybe where that balance lies. Consultations where the experienced leaders and the next generation are brought together to discuss and debate; to problem solve and make decisions together.

Fresh new ideas combined with knowledge and wisdom could surely be a recipe of success.

It’s something we wholeheartedly agree with at Probitas 1492. Since our inception, the management team have had an open door policy. Encouraging ideas to be shared and discussed across the whole company. Allowing everyone a voice in shaping the future.

The experience from those who have been in the industry for decades is combined with ideas from those seeing things in a new light. Probitas has always been about doing things differently, not following the herd. The management team actively encourage different ideas and approaches.

The insurance industry has long held a reputation for being conservative and stuck in the dark ages, that will only change when we open the doors to welcome in the next generation. With enthusiasm and drive, they could help to add more vibrancy to the market and ensure its future success.