Risk & Compliance is at the heart of any insurance business. At Probitas, it’s also an integral part of our culture. With a collaborative approach, our Risk & Compliance teams work closely with the underwriting teams. Clear, open lines of communication enable us to be proactive, responsive and accessible.

Working alongside our underwriting teams and analysts, Risk & Compliance is a complementary part of our business. Their approach is to enable the business to perform to its best within regulatory requirements to ensure that policyholders, brokers and stakeholders are all protected throughout the lifecycle of the business.

As with all areas of our business, we take an innovative approach to our Risk & Compliance to ensure that we are building a resilient, modern business. With transparency a key component to our approach on the complexities of corporate governance, regulatory and compliance.

Our Risk & Compliance team work collegially to live and breathe our DNA principals, with the ‘science of analytics’ and the ‘power of technology’ as cornerstones.

Risk & Compliance complements our day to day business at Probitas, we all work to a common goal. The Risk & Compliance team are focused on our DNA, working to implement a compliant framework that supports our focus on the role data and technology plays in enhancing our underwriting approach.

Our high performing team have a balanced approach, with a combination of technical and personable skills that enable us to confidently deliver robust and resilient strategies that enhance our business performance.

Meet the team

The Risk & Compliance team work diligently to ensure that the syndicate is performing to its best and adhering to the regulatory requirements. Probitas 1492 promotes a collaborative approach, which is no different for our Risk & Compliance team who work alongside the underwriting teams to enhance our business performance.

Meet the Team