Innovative cross class  solution…

with products that have been specifically designed for niche sectors, putting the broker and the insured at the forefront of the insurance policy.

Our efficient Retail solution enables the broker to have more time to focus on their customers and developing their market share.

We collaborate with our chosen distribution partners to identify risks, market trends and approaches.

With a focus on niche sectors we are able to understand the needs of the broker and their clients. Providing a relevant underwriting solution and value added proposition.

Why choose Probitas 1492?

  • We are a modern, progressive business, championing innovation
  • We specialise in niche sectors
  • We put the broker and their client at the centre of our solutions
  • We structure and deliver cross-class portfolio solutions, designed around the insured’s requirements
  • Our flexibility to trading is crucial, we focus on the most efficient way to get the deal done

Analytics & Technology

We embrace modern methods of trading, immersing ourselves into the insured’s world. Working collaboratively, we design a solution that’s priced accurately and provide a seamless and efficient service.

The science of analytics and the power of technology have been a key part of our DNA since day one.

Both analytics and technology are at the centre of our process, which means our underwriting solutions are built upon solid foundations of data driven efficient technology.


More on our Analytics
We operate an open & transparent partnership with our brokers. Spending the time to understand their niche markets; focusing on what's important to them & their clients. Using this insight to provide a bespoke solution that truly adds value.

If you’d like to discuss how our Retail proposition might work for you, please do get in touch!