Nilmin Pieries


About Nilmin

As a Non-Executive Director at Probitas, Nilmin provides the management team with his oversight and breadth of experience in the industry, including his foresight on issues including strategy, performance and conduct. Nilmin’s experience and knowledge provides Probitas with valuable objectivity.

An accomplished and proactive CFO, Nilmin has over 30 years’ (re)insurance industry experience incorporating GAAP and IFRS. He has a strong track record across the UK, the Middle East and Asian markets, with a particular focus on business growth and transformation.

His ability to employ disruptive ideas and innovation to develop a first-class strategic approach to finance, risk management and capital management offers Probitas a unique perspective, and his strong analytical and decision-making skills are welcomed.

Nilmin has successfully mentored teams, transferring his extensive knowledge and business acumen to enable others to excel and advance their careers.

Nilmin’s career spans the globe and includes Alea Group and Saudi Re.