Katie Neilson

Delegated Authority Assistant

About Katie

Katie’s role as Delegated Authority Assistant is an integral part of the Operations & Technical team at Probitas 1492. Taking responsibility for all aspects of the Delegated Authority (DA) function, Katie diligently oversees the entire process from initial conversations through to the signing of contracts, renewals, and continual monitoring and oversight necessary for Probitas’ DA portfolio.

With responsibility for facilitating and managing audits for the Delegated Authority book, Katie’s attention to detail and personable attitude comes into force. Katie works closely with the underwriting teams, Chief Underwriting Officers and the syndicates Managing Agent to address and report on DA and Conduct Risk matters.

Katie works closely with Ashley Tait and Jemma Holt on the syndicate’s back-office processes; helping to establish and formalise risk capture process and quality control of workflows to ensure best practice and improve efficiencies across the various teams, both internally and externally. She has been heavily involved in the latest Operations outsource project, travelling to India to lead workstream improvements that will benefit the syndicate as a whole.

Katie is Cert CII qualified and holds a BSc Hons from her Geography degree.

Katie is also the CSR Champion at Probitas 1492, and has spearheaded charitable team challenges, fundraising initiatives and team wellbeing programmes.