Jean-Luc Gourgeon


About Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc is a Non-Executive Director at Probitas. With his underwriting and analytical background, he offers a breadth of experience in the industry and a unique perspective on issues including strategy, performance and conduct. Jean-Luc’s background provides Probitas with insight and objectivity, adding real value to the business.

He has developed innovative solutions to challenge client issues, blending advanced modelling and data analysis techniques with a pragmatic business focussed approach.

He brings a wealth of experience including loss reserving, risk and capital modelling, working capital assessments, and his ability to effectively decipher and communicate data and forecasting to a wide audience across multiple disciplines and industries. Jean-Luc’s interest in machine learning and automation aligns with Probitas’ belief in the Power of Technology – one of our key DNA components.

Jean-Luc has worked for some industry stalwarts, including Paris Re, Axa, and Everest Re. He was on the board at Cunningham Lindsey and has his own consulting company.