David Matthys

Head of Compliance, Risk & Underwriting Management

About David

David is Head of Compliance, Risk & Underwriting Management at Probitas 1492 (Europe) in Brussels. He works closely with the leadership team in London to ensure that Probitas 1492 (Europe) and its UK Branch complies at all times with the regulatory requirements.

David has a thorough knowledge of Solvency II and the Belgian and European regulatory framework for the insurance industry.

Before joining Probitas, David worked for eight years at Enstar, holding directorships and assuming independent control functions (Compliance and Risk Management) in two EEA insurance undertakings. He also worked as a lawyer in Belgium, so brings a wealth of experience to the team.

David has a Law degree from Ghent University, and holds a Certificate of Compliance for the Insurance sector from Insert (Assuralia).