Ashley Tait

Head of Underwriting & Claims Operations

About Ashley

As Head of Underwriting & Claims Operations, Ashely works closely with Marcus Bale and Nick Bacon to ensure the efficient running of a variety of aspects at Probitas 1492 as well as planning and delivering the future operating model for the syndicate.

Ashley is responsible for risk capture, bordereaux processing and credit control to name a few. Overseeing our outsourced partnerships, Ashley ensures that the high standards of the syndicate are maintained and SLAs are upheld.  He also monitors and tests any IT and process upgrades to ensure they are working effectively before they are deployed.

He is a key point of contact for any process matters and ensures best practice, training and the syndicate’s operational requirements are all delivered. Taking time to share his experience and knowledge with them and the wider team at Probitas 1492.

Ashley is instrumental in a number of operations projects, including the implementation of our outsourcing partnership in India. He has lead the team on the ground to ensure a seamless transition whilst delivering a marked improvement on the process and output.

Beginning his career at Xchanging as a trainee Insurance Technician, he soon progressed to Technical Consultant in the Broker and Underwriter Elective Services. After 10 years with Xchanging, Ashley joined Liberty Specialty Markets as a Senior Account Handler, before joining Probitas 1492 in 2017